Dilemmas Diluted

An initiative to help small and medium enterprises establish an online presence – An assurance to provide intelligent web designs and internet marketing services.
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Our Portfolio

Sir Sachin Tendulkar never said a word, and wanted to let his bat do the talking. Taking the inspiration, on the right, is a collection of our work. Each image, takes you to the destination website.

Our engineers design, develop, integrate and maintain web applications that enable enterprises to solve complex and critical business problems. And our marketing experts strive to make a prominent presence for businesses, on the largest marketing platform - The Internet. We work hard to deliver web designs & internet marketing services that echo personality, mission and vision of our clients.

Our Clientele

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care “

At Dilemmas Diluted, each effort is devoted towards conditioning a client’s requirements to suit his needs to the best extent possible. An organization’s growth is directly proportional to prosperity of its clients. Our gratitude goes out to each customer, who’s helped our existence and continue to motivate and inspire us.