App development

To reduce costs and everyday hassles, every commercial entity must have an app designed to run operations easily. Dilemmas Diluted is a team of tech savvies who can design a customized app that functions smoothly without any technical glitch or error. All the apps we design are tailor-made suited to different operating systems.

With businesses expanding online, we understand the need to make your business available at a click of a button and that too in the pockets of people! Mobile application development is an intricate process where we incorporate catchy UX designs with superior development strategies. From the front end to backend operations, our developers innovate on the app with great dexterity and precision.No matter the complexity of the app, we work towards rendering an app that is user friendly and easily understandable.

What type of apps do we make?

We have quality experience in rendering apps that run easily on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. We classify our apps as follows -

With Android phones filling the market, Android-friendly apps have become very popular. To meet the demand, Dilemma Diluted has grown to design apps that are conducive for Android operating systems. Innovative and easy to use our android apps are personalised to support your activities and workflow.

Not sure which app genre you should opt? We will develop a hybrid app for you which is a mix of native app and web technologies. This type of app development uses web technologies to write an application and encase it in a native application. Hybrid apps are the ideal choice when you wish to cut down on the cost and assure that it is compatible on various platforms.

Every business is different and so is its requirement. Enterprise app is an application for your business. Such applications guarantee ease of work, the flow of information, communication and fuss-free handling of corporate affairs within the organisation.

Today, there is a staggering number of iPhone users. We produce high-quality apps for iPhones that are compatible on its iOS platform. Our cutting edge iOS mobile app development facilitates smooth transition and functioning without getting hung.

Get entertained anytime anywhere with mobile games. Dilemmas Diluted is experienced in carefully crafting a pro-level gaming experience for you. High definition graphics, seamless transitions, amazing sound quality and superior design make our gaming apps class apart.


Why choose Dilemmas Diluted?

Knowledgeable team

Our talented pool of app developers is proficient in buildings apps for Android iOS platforms. The apps that we create are easily downloadable and can easily migrate to multiple mobile platforms.

Economical & time-saving

We use resourceful means to develop a mobile app for our clients. We aim to develop a cost-effective app for your business that bolsters your operations and saves time.


We hold quality experience in delivering mobile apps for businesses of different nature and scale. Be it be B2B, B2C or C2B or team is equipped to give you the best.

App support

Our work doesn’t end with just delivering the app! Dilemmas Diluted provides around the clock support to its clients. Rest assured, we work end to end to provide maintenance solutions to your site for seamless functioning.

Our End-to-End Mobile App Development Services

We focus on changing the digital landscape with our high calibre mobile apps. Catering to iOS and Android app development primarily, our application technologies are compatible with  different operating systems and mobile interfaces. Making use of optimum technology, design and razor sharp planning our team renders app that is a product of their expertise and prowess. We provide end to end support for easy implementation and functioning of the app designed.

Our Stack of Mobile App Technologies

At Dilemmas Diluted, we offer optimum mobile strategy and solutions for cross-platform applications development that guarantees maximum growth & minimum project cost. Our efficient team of mobile app developers specialise in delivering a customised app efficiently with lesser turnaround time. We facilitate easy switching by developing a centralized code and seamless project handling. 

Choose Dilemmas Diluted for the best mobile app development and technologies for Android apps, iOS apps, Mobile gaming apps, Hybrid & Enterprise application apps.




Our apps are user-friendly, easy to understand and responsive across different platforms and interfaces



Need some help even during off working hours? There is a 24/7 support feature on all our apps.



The loading Speed of our Apps are top-notch which are affirmation of good quality.



We provide end to end security, so there's no leakage of user's private data.

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