We leave no stone unturned to help our clients grow their business. We not only help them grow organically on digital platforms but also carry out marketing campaigns through paid mediums. One wing of advertising is through offsite ads. Basically, the AD for your product/service is placed on some other website. When a shopper views that ad and purchases your product subsequently within thirty days of viewing the ad, you pay a fee for that on every purchase made.

Why choose us?

Talented team

Our team has an excellent track record with offsite ads. In the past, we have innovated, implemented and successfully run offsite ads for our clients.

Design capability

Experts at Dilemmas Diluted can skilfully design unique ads for every client that matches their requirement and brand personality.


We plan your ads in a way that meets your goals and augments your business. The AD campaigns are carried out to maximise ROI within a given time frame.

Better traffic

When we design offsite ads, we make certain that more people land on your website. We expand your reach in order to get more traffic. This further enhances the possibility of lead generation and sales.