Paid Advertising Services

Reach a wider audience and stay on top of the game with our paid advertising models. We are one of the top digital marketing agencies that excel in Paid Adverstisement.

Owing to the complex digital analytics, nowadays it is difficult to scale your business organically without any paid form of advertisement. Paid campaigns improve your visibility and reach across different platforms. Thereby, enabling you to tap new markets and customers for your products/services. We at Dilemmas Diluted, perform paid advertisement through Google AdWords, PPC campaigns and Facebook advertisement.

Why choose Paid Advertising?

Inspire call to action

Through pay per click, you are ensured that only the interested ones will land on your site and are likely to make a purchase or take any other action as directed on the website.

Increase customer landing on your webpage

Pay per click generates clicks to your website and makes potential customers land on your page.

Better click-through rate

Our strategy will help you to increase impressions, have a better click-through rate and good quality score.

Easy and pocket-friendly

Pay per click is a flexible way of advertising as we can customise your campaign according to your need and budget for maximum exposure without much hassle.

Customised ad copy

The team at Dilemmas Diluted excels in designing customised ad copies for every client which renders it a unique look and catches attention faster.

Google Adwords

Google is the best search engine online. Google AdWords is a paid medium of advertising powered by Google which works in direction of benefitting both small businesses and e-commerce platforms. The products advertised through Google AdWords show up as a result of Google searches, Youtube, Gmail and various other websites that partner with Google. Hence, advertising through this platform gets you increased exposure, better traffic and helps in connecting with your target audience.

Why choose Google Adwords?

Customised campaign creation

We systematically design your ads keeping in mind your goal and desired audience.

Reliability and ease

Partnering with Dilemmas Diluted will relieve you from the cares of creating and carrying out Google AdWords campaign. We manage such complex campaigns with great ease owing to our specialised team of account managers.

Lead Generation

Our advertisements through Google bring you authentic leads which increase the chances of a sale.

Better ROI

We also furnish a report that calculates ROI on the money spent and measures the progress towards achieving your goal.